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Mission Statement
The One Native Nation Foundation is charging head-on in support of one of this country's greatest assets, the Native American community. Through the centuries, the Native People's have given up much, beit land, time or even identity. With a philanthropic heart, the One Native Nation Foundation will support the needs of the Native American community by providing some financial relief to those seeking higher eduction. Our hope is this movement will be "catchy" as now is as good a time as any for a cultural revival.

About the Strawberry Valley Band of Pakan'yani Maidu
In the early part of the 20th century, the homeless Maidu bands at Strawberry Valley and Anthony House, were awarded a rancheria which later became famous for it's status as being among the smallest reservations in the United States. Measuring about one-third of an acre, even that tiny parcel of land was taken from them during the termination policies of the 1950's and later sold to non-Indians in the 1960's. Termination was to be a process of removing Indians and their land from federal trust and was implemented upon a 1948 Hoover Commission recommendation, with the California Indians to be the first recipients. While the US was spending millions of dollars on the post WWII reconstruction of Germany and Japan, it had simply decided to drop it's own natives along the side of the road. This task fell on Dillon Meyer, the commissioner of Indian Affairs during the 1950's whose principal resume item was the administration of the Japanese-American concentration camps during WWII. Several termination bills were introduced during this time by the Indian Service and they specifically targeted California Indians.

Strawberry Valley Rancheria (1918-1961) had been located approximately 30 miles east of Marysville, California in the Sierra foothills, in close proximity to the places of cultural and historical significance to the Strawberry Valley Maidu. Places where important tribal activities occurred and still occur to this day. The Strawberry Valley Maidu have held grass games and gatherings since time immemorial around the areas straddling portions of Yuba, Plumas, Sierra and Butte counties. The Sutter Buttes are the Creator's holy lands and the Strawberry Valley Maidu have gazed upon the Buttes from the foothills since before European time.

About Us
Scott Dinsmore, founder of One Native Nation, LLC and the One Native Nation Foundation, first began his business on the pages of an old notebook in North Reading, MA. The concept had been "bubbling on the stove" for some time, but in 2008 the idea became reality. One Native Nation, LLC was born.

When Scott was coming up through college, funding for school weighed heavy on his mind. He had been told by friends and family that he should look into scholarships and/or grants for Native Americans. Scott, being a percentage Native American, started to search the web and libraries for possibilities. As it turns out, the majority of funding available for Native American's is reserved for the larger tribes of the United States (i.e. Cheyenne, Apache, Cherokee, Seminole, etc.). Because his bloodlines are concentrated with smaller tribes in Northern California, there was nothing available on a national level.

Times are changing…………

Using One Native Nation, LLC as a tool, company profits (25% to be exact) are funding the One Native Nation Foundation. These funds are open and available (for qualified applicants) to those amongst us (like Scott) that maintain a tribal affiliation (i.e. tribal roles). Any and all tribes of these United States are eligible.

By building a unique brand (logo's include the tribal turtle, bear head, thunderbird and wolf) and unique product ideas, we hope you will find something to your liking. Remember, 25% of company profits will go directly into the One Native Nation Foundation.

On behalf of Scott, his family and friends that helped make this possible, thank you very much for visiting One Native Nation, LLC today!

May the Great Spirit bless, guide and protect you on your journey through this life.
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